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Карту 1 5 2 creeper parkour, торрент сериала склифосовский 4 сезон 15 и 16 серии

. 2.5k subscribers: Creeper Run! This map is a creeper themed minigame map with 3 awesome. . 4 Comments; 2 Favorites; Report . Posted on 10/5/2015 : ~ a year ago . The Escape gamemode is parkour themed where you must run away from a wall of explosions. . samstep53; Level 1; New Explorer; Jun 16, 2012 The Creeper's Bounty is a custom adventure map for minecraft. Mar 24, 2013 Minecraft; 2 Monthly Downloads; Supports: 1.5.1; 301 Total This map is called Map 1 - "Risen Wolves Of Parkour" made by Flamegeton. by Steve, yet Steve founds out the wolf has parasites also known as Creepers. Jun 27, 2015 The Minecraft Random Skies Survival Parkour Project was Random Skies is a single or multiplayer randomly generated survival parkour map. 4. Rabbit 5. Chicken Mob Farms: 1. Skeleton 2. Zombie 3. Creeper 4. Blaze.

Creeper Jump Parkour Map. The game is simple. Step 1: Spawn a creeper Step 2: Aim yourself so that the creeper will blow you up and will give you a boost. Sep 30, 2016 Here is some informations about Creeper Survival Map for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it. Adventure Maps · Survival Maps · Parkour Maps · Minigame Maps · Puzzle Every 3 waves you have 2 points ( currency) you can spend on armor, 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars. May 20, 2012 Infinite Creeper Maze is a game map for minecraft. 12. +2 BiggestLuigi06 AMAZING MAP I PLAYED 3 TIMES BEST MAP IN HISTORY! +5 Jumbo Elephant Liked the unexpected parkour boss at the end, although it was. After jumping over arrows, smashing Creepers' faces, and even escaping from jail, it's time This is a new ice-themed parkour map for 1.5.2.

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