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World of goo на андроид armv6 и где можно сериал джокер

@davidc. Hi davidc! So I know you don't have an android device, but I just beat WoG on my nexus 7 with all OCD levels and now I'm bored. World of Goo, one of the most important independent games of all time, comes to Android after its success on Windows, Linux and Mac, with a new version that. World of Goo demo for Linux (deb); WorldOfGooDemo.1.41.rpm. World of Goo demo for Linux (rpm); WorldOfGooDemo.apk. World of Goo Demo for Android. Только для ARMv7 и Android 2.2+!. Не флудите по поводу запуска на ARMv6! Ждите известий от разработчика. Пока известно только.

"Game of the Year" -MetaCritic, IGN, TouchArcade, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameTunnel - Best Games for Android lists - NYTimes, techcrunch, pocketgamer Nov 28, 2011 World of Goo for Android ( and cats). World of No go on my ARMv6 ZTE blade alas. When are you going to support ARMv6 processors.

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